India is…

  • Chaos!!! – very noisy (honking, motors), dirty (trash everywhere), dry, hectic with people rushing around everywhere
  • Shaking head from one side to the other to agree, accept, welcome someone, or say goodbye
  • Nagy people approaching you to provide some kind of help/service without letting go if you say no
  • Line cutter – even though u are talking to service desk person people go in front of you to get served right away
  • No sense of personal space – people in line get so close to you that their body touches yours and you can feel their breath in your neck
  • Burning stacks of trashes on the side road (mostly plastic)
  • Spicy and greasy food
  • Eating different variations of rice 3 times a day (south India)
  • Eating with hands
  • Taking shower out of a cube
  • Cleaning your butt old school with water
  • Dish washing and hand washing often without soap
  • Polluted rivers
  • Frequently visited nicely colored temples everywhere
  • Cheap and fun train rides
  • Dogs and cows everywhere
  • Crazy traffic adhering to the “first come first serve rule”, even at 10 pm
  • Busses without doors, trains with open doors
  • Men wearing bottom-up shirts with a pen and a cellphone in the front pocket
    • Pen = education/intelligence , Cellphone = Wealth
  • Many normal cellphones still exist
  • Tourist that are seen as money machines
  • Small garage sized shops everywhere on main roads
  • 3 story tall malls that work as entertainment center for young people and families
    • Scary house, glamorous movie theatre, kids train, and lots of shops for girls

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