Sri Lanka is…

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country offering all kinds of outdoor activities for adventurous people. Its surfing spots are known all over the world. Here are some characteristics of Sri Lanka that caught my attention while traveling for 2 weeks on the island:

above 50 year old guest house owners happy to host girls

Typically elder men provide sleeping facilities in their guest houses. They are especially interested in talking to foreign girls. You can fairly often see pictures of guest house owners with their foreign female guests of the past hanging in the guest house itself. Conversations with guys are typically not performed as enthusiastically.

a culture with sometimes violent attributes

From 1983 – 2009 Sri Lanka experiences a period of war due to ethical groups fighting for independence within Sri Lanka. Thankfully the war is over and there are no attacks anymore but you can still see Military Posts aligned throughout the country. Moreover, the people themselves seem not to shy away from settling down arguments with physical force.

people using umbrellas for sun protection

You can observe many women using umbrellas while walking on the site of the street to protect themselves against the sun

central landscape
water rafting, one of the fun outdoor activities in Sri Lanka
southern landscape

Tuk-Tuk drivers everywhere

Similar as in India the taxi business is for many families a reliable source of income. For that reason, there are Tuk-Tuk drivers in every touristy area shouting “Tuk-Tuk?” out of every corner.

rice and curry all day

Again, similar as in India, Sri Lankan’s love their rice and curry. Many families have the dish three times a day.

kind and helpful people

Sri Lankan’s like to provide help without expecting anything for it. They approach you once they see you are unsure about something to offer their help.

cheap and crazy inter city bus rides

bus station in mountains
bus station in mountains near Kandy

Inter city busses rush really fast from city to city passing all other vehicles. Such a bus ride is the real Sri Lankan experience with loud music playing out of big boxes and curves taking dangerously fast. Intra city rides are much more expensive on the other side.


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