Winery tour in Mendoza

With its 120.000 inhabitants Mendoza is one of the most beautiful cities in Argentina. Many plazas, good restaurants and a vibrant and elegant nightlife provide a very positive atmosphere.

The main attraction Mendoza has to offer is its wine tours and its delicious wine. The best and most consumed wine in Argentina is made in Mendoza.

Mendoza wine tour

To my knowledge there are two different ways of doing a wine tour. You can either do a walking tour in “Chacras de Coria”, or a bike tour in “Maipú”. Both places are a 30 minute bus tour away from the city of Mendoza. We did the bike tour as we wanted to have a little bit of an exercise as well.screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-17-49-30

When you get to the bus stop in Maipú a friendly guy already welcomes you offering his bike rental shop. Usually thats not the way to go but in Maipú it is different. It is worth it taking the bike for 150 pesos the whole day because it includes a free beer and free wine from 5-6pm.

Riding the bike was great but the landscape unfortunately was not as great as hoped. You ride along a dirt road not really in the nature yet. However, riding from plantation to plantation is still fun (until you can feel the many wine testings). You can probably do 2 to 3 wine testings if you also have lunch drinking a wine because after that you really feel the wine. And if not you have the happy hour at 5pm where you can test your limits. There are about 15 wineries that offer wine testings and explain how they elaborate their wine in different ways.

The first winery we went to offered a tour inside the winery and explained how the plantation was managed. You can see all the big barrels where the wine is stored and you get explained under what conditions wine is made. The right temperature and type of wood of the barrel is the key.

At the end you get to taste three different wines, which is of course the best part. You can distinguish a good old wine from a younger wine when you stir the wine inside the glass by circling it around. When you stop some drops should slowly go down the glass. If you see no drops, that means that it is a young wine. Another advice is to breath in while testing a wine. This provides a stronger flavour.

At the second winery there was no tour provided but signs where placed explaining the different areas. After that a testing could be bought for about 3 dollars. Again 3 different wines.

All in all it is a great experience for people that want to do something different and like to get to know more about the art of making a good wine. We enjoyed it even though we are not big wine fans.

At the end you meet other people, that did the wine tours, at the happy hour bar. Great!

2017-02-03 13.54.22.jpg


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