3 hot spots on Sri Lanka’s coast


Sri Lanka, the country for adventurers and amazing beaches! The island of Sri Lanka is situated south-west of India, the second biggest country in the world. Even though the size of the island is about a fifth of the size of Germany, more than 20 million people with different religious backgrounds such as Muslims, Christians and Hindus live on the island. Since the end of the seven year enduring civil war in 2009, people live in peace with each other and the tourism sector flourishes due to its beautiful landscape and coastal area.

During colonialisation it was partly occupied by Portugal and the Netherlands. In the 19th century it was controlled by Britain, serving as an important naval point against Japan in the second world war. 1948, three years after the second world war, Sri Lanka obtained their independence from Britain, after India already became an independent country the year before.

Here are three interseting maps of the country highlighting different activities around the country:

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Some information about one of the most touristy spots of Sri Lanka; Trincomale, Hikkaduwa and Mirissa:

1. Trincomale

Trincomale is an important city in the less populated north-east of Sri Lanka. It has an historic significance because during the civil war major battles took place their, as the Tamils had to defend their land.

The city itself is quite and relaxed, with the Koneswaram Temple as the most significant monument. The pretty temple can be reached while walking through an area/park once occupied by the military. You can still notice how thousands of military units lived their. Once you reach the temple you have amazing views along the coast line. Definitely worth a visit.

Other than that, I can recommend to take a bike tour towards the northern beaches of Trincomale, close to Pigeon Island, an Island where you can snorkel with turtles and not dangerous reef sharks. To get to the Island however, you have to take a boat ride.

2.  Hikkaduwa

One traveler once said: “If you would ask me what is the best spot in Sri Lanka, I would say Hikkaduwa. If you would ask me what is the worst spot in Sri Lanka, I would say Hiddaduwa.”

Situated 100 km south of the capital of Colombo, Hikkaduwa is a typical tourist town with beautiful beaches. Depending on the saison it can get really crowded. Families and young people alike spend the hot days at the two different and separated beaches of Hikkaduwa. The northern beach is wider and provides good ways for surfers, while the southern beach is smaller, but good for snorkelling. You will definitely see amazing fishes and a turtle, that always comes to the same spot close to the water because it gets fed there. Please don’t touch the turtle!!!

The town itself is neither pretty nor awful. It has some nice bars in the northern part and generally has a type of Hippi atmosphere. I wouldn’t know why it could be the worst part of the country. I enjoyed my three day stay at Hikkaduwa and would go back again.


3. Mirissa

Mirissa is a typical tourist place without being “over-flooded” by tourists. It has very nice restaurants and a beautiful beach. Similar to Hikkaduwa, even though much smaller, it has a relaxed beach for swimmer and a beach with bigger waves for surfers. Both beaches are separated by a rock that can be climbed in order to enjoy the views into the sea and towards the beaches with its need restaurants.


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