Tandil – Time to relax

Looking for a relaxed place away from the big city of Buenos Aires we followed a recommendation of a friendly restaurant camarero, who proposed a visit to Tandil. Never heard of the town before.

Indeed Tandil is a nice place to relax. Located between the triangle Buenos Aires (360km) Mar del Plata (160km) and Bahia, the 110.000 populated city is is surrounded by small mountains that are perfect for small hikes. The best way to get to know the region and see the many attractions is by bike. Prices are relatively high in the city center or even at the lake. It is better to rent a bike a little bit outside the city.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 08.06.18
Location of Tandil (in the east of Argentina)

Mainly tourists with a little higher budget than backpackers come here to enjoy the good restaurants, hotels with pools and the surrounding nature. A two to four day stay in Tandil is perfect to explore the city and take advantage of the outdoor activities.

For people that like to be close to the nature there are very nice and comfortable huts in the south a little bit outside the town, close to the waterfall and the Christ Statue. Huts usually are very comfortable with own small kitchen, gardens and good views into the hills.

Tandil Map.png
City Map of Tandil with Major Attractions

I can definitely recommend renting a bike and seeing the different attractions such as:

Cristu de las Sierras

A giant Christ statue in the south of the city that is enlightened by night

Castillo Morisco

A small but pretty white Castle on a hill close to the lake with good views

Don Quijote y Sancho Panza

Statue of the heroes in the hills on the other side of the lake with great views into Tandil


Waterfalls in the south of the city, nice 10 min hike to the waterfalls from the parking spot


Big lake in the city with possibilities to do kayaking or canoeing, the big pool place is bordering to the lake. At night people meet there to work out.

Facts about Tandil

Year of foundation: 1823

Bus ride from Retiro, Buenos Aires: 3,5 hours (553 pesos)

Accommodation prices: rather high

Birth place of the current president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri


Kayaking at the lake – good option for beginners, the lake is quite small

Swimming – for people enjoying a day at the pool there is a great pool center next to the lake with long pools for swimmers and smaller once to relax in, as well as a jump tower

Entry: 50 pesos (3 Euro), Open in December, January and February

Biking in and around the city – with 350-500 pesos a day it is quite expensive

Visiting the waterfalls – you can climb up the 30 meter high waterfalls

Helicopter rides, several golf clubs, high altitude climbing park, sports such as tennis, futbol and padel-tennis



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