With almost five million inhabitants Sydney is the biggest city in Australia. It is a very lively and modern city with its many attractions such as darling harbour (see picture) and its huge business buildings. The Olympic Games in 2000 surely helped providing the city with a more open and modern look.

Sydney has a great influence in the world: People and especially students from all over the world choose the city as a lucrative travel or study destination, many Asians find their way into the city to establish a more modern way of living, and it is promoted as the financial hub in the Asian-Australian region.

The fact that more than 250 different languages are spoken in Sydney underlines the internationality of one of the most famous metropoles in the world.

2016-09-08 14.59.39.jpg
2016-09-07 11.51.06.jpg
2016-09-12 14.08.53.jpg
Darling Harbour
2016-09-08 13.20.54.jpg
Central City Park
2016-09-26 13.27.22.jpg
Famous Opera House
2016-09-26 13.46.03.jpg
View into the City from Opera House
2016-10-30 03.18.06.jpg
Night Life in Darling Harbour

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