Grutas de Tolantongo

What are the Grutas de Tolantongo? Living a bit more than 1 year in Mexico and having traveled through one of the greatest tourist destinations in Mexico, I explored the Grutas de Tolantongo last weekend and was absolutely amazed by them. It is without a doubt one of the greatest places Mexico has to offer….


Tandil – Time to relax

Tandil is a small town located 360 km south of Buenos Aires. A perfect place for weekend visits due to its good restaurants and nature activities.

Amazonas trip from Manaus to Colombia

Boat tour on the Amazonas I read very few information about the boat trip from Manaus to the Colombian border, mostly blog entries of people that experienced the adventure themselves. To help people having a better understanding of the trip I provide information about my experience in this blog entry: Purchasing boat ticket and hammock…


Camping in New Zealand

New Zealand might be the best prepared country for camping tourism! It is of no surprise that during the high season in summer (December-February) most of the vehicles seen on the streets of the South Island are camper vans. Even though prices of the many rental companies skyrocket in the high season. People from all…


Winery tour in Mendoza

With its 120.000 inhabitants Mendoza is one of the most beautiful cities in Argentina. Many plazas, good restaurants and a vibrant and elegant nightlife provide a very positive atmosphere. The main attraction Mendoza has to offer is its wine tours and its delicious wine. The best and most consumed wine in Argentina is made in…


Crossing the Chile-Argentina border

Border crossing from Chile into Argentina normally is quite easy as tourist visas of 90 days are granted to many countries in the world, but it can (and normally does) take some time because no-one is in a rush in LatinoamĂ©rica, the border patrol stuff is not an exception. Especially if you take a bus…


Trekking in the Himalayas

The Himalayas are for most of us known as the highest mountains in the world. Created through the clash of the Indian subcontinent and the Asian continent. Nepal alone has eight of the ten highest mountains in the world. One of them is the Annapurna mountain, which is the most frequently visited mountain in the…